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Carboot organisers:

To start up this web site I have obtained details of hundreds of car boot sales and put them together in a common, easily accessible format. Many have been added from personal experience, word of mouth, local papers or from details submitted by e-mails.

If you want your details changed, there is no charge - please complete the form or email me.

If you would like your details added, please complete the form or email me with some details.

Why you should put your carboot location on www.carbootsRus.com

Your details on the web site can include: 

Charges (revised and simplified)
From Feb 2007:
Special Offer  - voluntary donation of 5 / cost of one pitch for the rest of the year.
Far less than the cost of a tiny box advert in one local newspaper for one insertion only.

Cancellation due to weather.
With the donation you can email me on the morning of the event. I will advertise the cancellation. This applies to Sundays only, at the moment.

Charities (which donate all profits)(e.g. Schools/Scouts/Guides) and One offs: Free

If you have a free listing and have a website: I would be grateful if you add a link to the front page of my website from yours. Thank-you.

Contact: john@carbootsrus.com

 NB A carboot on Saturday and one on Sunday at same location = 2 car boots.